2022 Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar (UACRS)
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What You need to know NOW
NEW Rules  •  No surprise act  •  Modifiers • and Much More

Who should watch the recordings?

  • Urologists and Other QHPs
  • ​Coders and Billers
  • ​Administrators
  • Practice Administrators

Know what's changing for urology coding and billing in 2022?

Here is a quick summary of some of the changes impacting urology:

• Proposed cuts reduced by Protecting Medicare & American Farmers from Sequester Cuts Act

• PAs will be able to contract directly with Medicare 

• Shared/Split visit Rule Clarification

• Telehealth - Category II and III codes extended through 2023

• PAYGO suspended for 2022

• Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy Centers RVU changes –Delayed until 2023

• ASC fee schedule up 2.3%

• AUC Penalty Phase delayed until January 2023

Learn How to avoid claim denials for 
demographic, insurance, pre-cert and prior auth mistakes

Do you have claims that are denied for inaccurate demographic, incomplete insurance information, or other pre-service mistakes?

Here's how to eliminate those mistakes:

• Create systems to ensure complete data collection
• Train, empower, and incentivize your team to have zero errors
• Hire the right team 
• Revise your collection tools to meet your patient needs

Makes sense, right? 

 But who has the time to develop the systems, tools, training and monitoring?

We did and we want to share our best practices that we have been perfecting over the last 20 years.

List of Recorded Sessions

Day One

Globals and Modifiers Part 1
Pre-Service / RCM
New Technology: Additional Revenue Opportunities
Globals and Modifiers Part 2 and Procedural Scenarios
Globals and Modifiers Part 2 and Procedural Scenarios (cont'd)
Urology Coding Conundrums
Effective Communication for Out of Office Service Billing
Compensation Trends - Private and Hospital-Based

Day Two

E&M 2022
EM 2022 Scenarios
Online Reputation Management
Today Coder, CodingToday
Medicare Updates
No Surprises Act
Open Discussion

PRS Network Seminar Team

Dr. M. Ray Painter

Dr. John Lin

Mark Painter
Partner PRS Consulting

Larry Kemp, FACHE
Partner PRS Consulting

Scott Painter, CEO, PRS

Whats Included in the
Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar Recording Bundle

Recordings of the Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar Virtual Event

E&M Pocket Card and Wall Chart Set

Helps you to quickly select the appropriate level E&M code; saving you time and avoiding takebacks.

Access the Members Only UACRS 2022 Group

Access the slides, syllabus, and handouts to all the presentations. 

Maximize Income And Efficiency For Urology Practice Monthly Webinar Series

This monthly webinar series keeps you informed of the important issues facing your practice.  

6 Months Access - PRS Community Q&A Forum 

This group is to get questions answered by experts; submit clean claims.

2022 Final Rule Update Webinar  

This webinar makes it simple for you to get updates and gives you the assurance you are up to date.

2022 Self Audit Online Masterclass

This online training is the shortcut for you to feel confident that you are coding and reporting your services accurately.

NEW! Urology Top E/M Flash Card Deck

The top urology E/M diagnosis visits, each on a 3.5"x5.5" flashcard.

Recent Attendee Comments:

"What did you like most about the Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar?"

"Going through examples, lectures were very high yield"

"Listening to others' questions and getting the answers"

"Useful Q&A, clear explanations using real examples"

"The detailed training that my providers need"

"Expert knowledge simplified into real examples"

"The variety of ways I saw how I could optimize my practice"

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