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Part 1 of the PRS Optimizer Series

Optimizing Your Front Office and Critical Processes 

A Course from PRS Consulting

Poor business practices ultimately have consequences  

  ...Investing time and training for the Front Office Team will Pay Immediate Dividends.  

• Patient Collections starts with Front Office Pre Service Actions
• Step one: Successfully Engaging Patients at Appointment Process
Set expectations with written Protocols and Procedures
• Manage with incentives but commit to discipline
Data based Decisions Required

Learn Which Key Metrics to Monitor to calculate, and what they mean

1.  Patient access and charges 
2. Accounts Receivables changes
3. Insurance claims rejections and denial rate changes
4. Demographic rejections
5. Daily collections for each patient encounter

We Will Show You How to Avoid...

  • Increasing rise in patient balances
  • ​Weak collections
  • ​Slower payments from Insurance companies
  • ​Increased denials and appeal time 
  • ​Increased expense in A/R collection costs, personnel and material

Your Instructors

Mark Painter, Partner, PRS Consulting

Larry Kemp, FACHE, Partner, PRS Consulting

Which Internal Processes You Can Control and How to Control Them

• Patient access and charges increasing but, weak collections
• Rising accounts receivables
• Eligibility verification, co-insurance, deductibles, account balances.
• Data entry accuracy
• Check current referrals and trends
• Balance collections daily
• High insurance claims rejections and denial rates
• Patient demographic rejections
• Limited or no Front Office team training and on-going education

Optimizing the Front Office and Critical Processes ORDER FORM
Train Your Practice

Item Price

Here's What You'll Get:

  • ​Online Training Recordings - 2 sessions of Proven Front Office Best Practices with Assignments and Deliverables (a $1,500 Value)
  • ​Access to PRS Consultants During Program
    (a $1,000 Value)
  • Checklists, Metrics, and Benchmarks
    (a $700 Value)

Retail Value: $3200 

Practice Price $997 
For Your Entire Practice

If your practice participates, submits the deliverables, and implements these processes, we guarantee your AR days will decrease, copay collection increase, and your office will be more efficient.

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